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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Jalan2 jumpa Panda

This was taken on my birthday. Masa bosan2 kat umah tu, so diena & I decided to jalan2 kat Sunway Pyramid.

Owh, and we bought our own birthday cake jugak that day.. hehe.. but of course ayah gave us the $$$ la to buy kan. So, since we bought it, we have the privilege of writing what we want on the cake.

Cutting cake session? Very unusual.. hehehe..

Pix to be uploaded soon!

1 comment:

bb said...

Happy belated b'day naz...of coz i akan igt b'day u everytime i t'igt b'day syazli..but seriously lupe sgt2 nk wish u....hehe

hope u had a blast b'day this yr!!!