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Friday, 21 August 2009

Joyeux anniversaire!

21 août 2009

chère soeur de joyeux 19 ème anniversaire..

l'espoir u a eu un anniversaire impressionnant aujourd'hui

amour u beaucoup !

My youngest sister, Dinah Afiqah Zainuddin, who happened to have almost the same birthday date as I am... thank god, i think He heard my prayer (a 9 year old kiddo's prayer) and lahir la adik ku ini sehari awal dari tarikh hari jadi ku. hehehe. kalau x sure all the limelight gi kat dia cos she is the youngest and the manja'est in the family.

dulu2 mmg rasa x best bila asyik celebrate bday asyik kena share cake jer. but as we grow up, cam best lak celebrate sesama. cam lagi happening gitu.. ahaks!

well, in a few hours lagi my birthday pulak. then kita tukar hadiah okie diena yer.. hehehe.. :)

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Ibu Emir said...

happy birthday to both of you!!