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Sunday, 2 August 2009

The month an angel was born... ;p

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To my peeps, cousins, sisters, relatives.. (hehe!)

Since this is the month that marks the 28th years of the live of an angel (yeah moi!).. hehe, dengan itu, tanpa segan silu, pls refer to my wish list below.. ahaks!

I want:-

1. Shoes shoes shoes and more shoes
2. New pair of sunglasses (i'm currently eyeing on this Fendi sunglasses)
3. Portable dvd player (though the bf said I shd get a lappy instead)
4. A nice & sweet charm bracelet (ok..ok.. i know i'm charming enuff.. ahaks!)
5. A get-a-away trip.. road trip pun i dont mind.. i just need to get out of KL!!!
6. New wallet (Any brand.. I'm so bored of my current one)
7. Coach handbag (The one that i saw in KLCC... nak nak nak!)
8. Perfume? Naaaa... I still have 5 bottles that are still nicely wrapped in the box.

The list will goes on.. will be updated as and when I remember.. hahahaha...

Signing off.... for now.. ;)


hanis said...

walauwehhh... 5 bottles? gosh! pass me one la

Naz said...

hahahaha... warehouse sale punya pasal la.. empty bottle bleh hanis? muehehehe...

Anonymous said...
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