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Monday, 11 February 2013

And he weds her - Fathuddin & Liyana ♥♥♥

Attended Fathuddin & Liyana's wedding reception last Saturday.  Majlis yang sungguh gilang gemilang :)) It was held at Dewan Perdana Felda.  My aunty mmg suka buat wedding anak2 dia kat sini.  Dari wedding her 1st daughter sampai Fathuddin nya wedding pun kat sini jugak.  But we like it sbb it's very convenient plus parking sangat senang.  Of cos, a bit far from Subang/Kelana Jaya area but as for last Saturday, since it is CNY, so jalan mmg super lengang sbb chinese tgh makan besar mlm tu :)

I don't really know Fathuddin that well sbb dia ni batch adik2 i.  So masa mula2 family kepochi pasal anak aunty J tunang ngan Liyana Jasmay, macam terfikir2 juga anak aunty J yang mana.  I only know anak2 aunty J yang baya2 i je.  And yang i kenal pun sume dah kawin so can't be any of them. Fathuddin is way younger so mmg x berapa nak cam la before this. Hehe..

Anyway, bila aunty J bagi the invitation card, I terus suruh my mum tanya if we could have extra 2 sits.  Sebab i nak sgt ajak my PIL.  Saja la nak ajak sbb my MIL mmg suka attend weddings and kebetulan this wedding dgn artis kan.  So why not.  Aunty J mmg best, since there were 8 of us, dia terus ckp we can have the whole table.  So cukup2 la 10 of us at that table termasuk my PIL :))

Ok, enuff writing, jom tgk some pics taken pulak k. :))

1st thing to look at kat meja.  Lapar ok!

Fathuddin & Liyana


Despite it is CNY, the ballroom is all full! Alhamdulillah..

Santapan untuk tetamu yang kelaparan bagai juara!

Me and busyuk!

PIL - sedondon pulak ngan we all malam tu.

My cheeky niece - Iman Amani
Missed this cos i was looking for Adi Putra.  So my gediks cousins and sisters je dapat bergambar with RN.

Our picture with the bride & groom.

Thank you doorgift for the nite.  Pulang yukk!

My wish for them, 

Congratulations to both Fathuddin & Liyana.  
May both of you live happily till Jannah.


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