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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Homestay Review @ Seberang Jaya, Penang.

Arini I nak buat review sikit pasal this homestay that my family and I stayed last weekend kat Seberang Jaya, Penang.  We were there for my cousin's engagement, so kalau dah big family tu, lagi jimat la amek homestay kan.  Berlambak je hotel kat sana tapi with 8 of us, u do the math la.  Berapa bilik nak amek kan.  So we decided that homestay would be most ideal. 

Kerja untuk mencari dan buat research psl homestay, of cos la I kan.  Sebab if possible, nak cari the best possible with a good price.  And with that good price, nak compare la pulak beberapa homestay yg ada nak tgk apa yg tuan rumah tu offer.  Since there were 8 of us, mama & ayah, me & hubby and my 4 sisters, so we were looking for somewhere with at least 3 rooms.  

And luck was on my side.  Kejap je google, one of the links directed me to the homestay that we rented.

Baca reviews terus i terpikat plus the pictures available memang perfect!  So I terus booked, sebab takut full pulak nanti.  Kalau nak tau more about the facilities provided boleh la refer kat link tu.  Those facilities mmg plus points la.  I was looking for a 3 bedrooms apartment and fully air-conditioned but the homestay provides more.  walahhh!

Here are some pics.  I did capture guna my camera tapi x upload lagi so kita pinjam yg kat website iBilik ni la ye.  The pics are all true, takde yg tipu2 punya. hehe.

The Living Room
The Dining Hall
The Master Bedroom for mama & ayah
2nd bedroom for me and hubs

3rd bedroom for the sisters - the homestay provides 2 additional mattress  too

Master bedroom restroom
Common restroom
Kettle and drinking water in each room

Coffee and tea in each room
Flat screen tv in each room!

Bestkan homestay ni?  Totally recommended!!  Sapa2 yg agak2 nak ke sana and looking for a homestay boleh la book tempat ni.  Currently it is still on a promo - RM149 per night.  Am not sure sampai bila promo ni.  Maybe lepas cukup setahun, owner naik kan tatau.  But u can just go the the link above to check it out.


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Anonymous said...

Hi. I've browsed through the link on homestay and no phone number is given. Could you please pass me the phone number? Btw, thanks a lot for the good article on the condo!