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Monday, 18 February 2013

Baby Carrier

I have been eyeing for this since my SIL told me that awal2 kalau gi jalan2 baby lagi suka dekat dengan kita instead of being in a stroller.  Not sure how true it is sbb xde experience kan.  But since mmg dah dalam list, i mmg tunggu time nak usha the carrier.  

Anyway, masa google2 for baby stuffs online, I saw this Mothercare 4 position baby carrier.  Price is RM76.  Hmm not bad at all! Sebab I know kat luar harga dia around RM200+.  And kalau sale pun around RM100+.  Being me, I googled for more.  And guessed what? the cheapest I found is RM55 and plus postage of RM12 it would be RM67!!! Murahkan?!!  Cuma that website kena pre-order, dia kumpul kan order then baru beli banyak2 hence that very cheap price!  I ni kalau beli benda online, bila dah bayar tu, nak org tu pos esok juga sbb tak sabar nak dapat barang tu so kalau pre-orders ni cam slow sikit la.  But again, malas nak rush sbb deadline for pre-order lambat lagi so still got time to think!  There are other more websites yg jual ranging from RM59 to RM100 before postage. And postage pun around RM12.  So, i was thinking, xpe la tunggu dulu la since banyak juga options.

But mungkin my rezeki, hari ni jalan2 kat OU and Mom's Care ada sale.  Last day pulak tu today.  Cam langkah kanan pulak we all.  I saw the same carrier and it was on sale for RM99.  But on top of that sale, ada lagi reduction and the final price is RM79.  Ok, being a math person, I did some calculation dalam kepala.  Of cos la yg pre-order online tu is cheaper but RM13 like that but it's just to tempting to buy it since it is in front of my eyes.  Asked hubby, he said, nak amek sekarang pun xpe.  Wahhh.. apalagi, terus la i grabbed and since there is only 1 red colour left, x ku lepaskan peluang ni.  Hehehe.

Ok, again, being an account person, I was still doing the math dalam kepala!! Hahaha.  Gelojoh sgt ke terus grabbed? Even when hubby was handling the cash to the cashier pun I was still thinking!  Hahaha.. tapi beli je jugak.. ayoo Naz!!

Anyway, bila kat rumah terus buka and try on me.  Tak sabar kan nak explore.  We wanted to kidnap my SIL's baby nak try with him tapi dia dah tido pulak.  Ish!  X kan nak try kat fluffy pulak kan.. hahhahaha..

There are some of the product info:

Offers 4 positions including nursing position for discreet feeding- perfect for an active breast feeding mum!

4-position carrier:
baby faces you from birth (from 3.5kg),
baby faces outwards (from 3mths),
baby rides piggy-back style(from 3 mths),
or lies in the nursing position for discreet feeding

Suitable from birth to 12kg

Gel padded strap - your little one will keep growing heavier, but our unique gel filled ventilated
shoulder strap ensures that you'll always stay comfortable

Sophisticated support - a special ergonomic design spreads the weight across your back,
front and shoulders, improving your balance and comfort

Simple expansion - our unique zip-pull adjusters let you easily expand your carrier to suit your growing baby

Removable liner

Comfort cushioned with special padding on the inner seat and
leg and arm hole to give baby a comfy,cosy ride

Easy flat opening - hassle free design makes it simple to put your baby into the carrier

Easy adjust straps - for a snug, comfy fit everytime

Machine washable

Apapun despite being x sabar and got it for few ringgit expensive, I am one happy mom-to-be!


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