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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

So I gave him a green light..

Bila kawin dgn seorg diver, harus la tiap2 tahun, our holiday destination would be going to an island.  Before we got married, mmg hubby ada geng2 dia yg tiap2 tahun, they all mmg akan blocked a date untuk pergi island beramai-ramai.  

And bila dah kawin, since I love island visits as well and nk support his interest, so we still continue with his yearly island visits.  1st year kawin, pergi Perhentian, 2nd year gi Mabul and this year our plan is to go to Redang.  Like always, kalau pergi pulau ni kena la at the right time sbb monsoon etc.  So every year mmg dalam bulan March or April.  This year pulak, since ada promo hubby and friends plan to go this March.  

I know hubby was a bit berbelah bagi whether to go or not to go.  Hubby is so worried to bring me along walaupun I told him that it would be ok.  i can just rest kat chalet or lepak on the boat while they are having their water activities.  Tapi hubby risau nanti atas boat tu terhentak2 dek kerana ombak kan.  I pun risau gak tapi yelah sapa yg x nak ikot kan.  Ada juga at times i tgk hubby cam xde mood nak gi sbb kesian kat wife dia, tapi, since hubby is the mastermind, kalau dia x pergi, semua org pun cancel la trip tu.  Tu yg x best tu.

Of cos, if u ask me, my "selfish" answer would be, "x payah la pergi, since i x leh pergi".  But bila fikir yang hubby has worked so hard through out the year, he deserves an island holiday.  Dive into the sea, kiss2 pipi ngan ikan2 and turtle dah mcm therapy untuk dia.  So I told him, "it's ok, u pergi la, sian u.  I x yah ikot la".

Wah, bila dapat je green light, terus kembali bersemangat.  And the same day balik keja, terus bgtau i the dates that they are planning to go.  Amboi! x menyempat.  Takut i changed my mind ke sayang? hehe..

Apapun, nasib the day he comes back is one day b4 our anniversary.  So I told him, regardless he penat ke  x, i still want a dinner treat on that day. lol. 


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