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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Welcoming 2nd Trimester

Alhamdulillah, syukur sgt2 dah masuk 4 bulan.  Today had an appointment with my gynae.  Finally!  

Tapi hari ni x scan. Huhuhu.  But it was expected la.  Govt hospital - ok ok PPUM is a semi-govt - dia x scan every visits.  Untuk scan kena buat appointment lain sbb scanner machine dia sgt canggih so x mampu kot utk letak kat each gynae's room.  Plus they have another separate department yang handle ultrasound so all scannings are done there.  

So my next appointment with the gynae which will be in a month time dia dah set awal2 untuk check i masa dia on duty kat the ultrasound department sbb senang bleh check and scan sekali. I consider myself lucky sbb my gynae yg akan scan I juga.  Unlike others, yg jumpa gynae lain2 every visits, bila time scan, sonographer yg akan scan and forward report to the patients' gynae.  

I ni agak mengada mentang2 dah check ngan Dr Sofi, so semuanya la nak Dr Sofi buat kan.  And of cos la Dr Sofi's fee lagi mahal kan as compared to the sonographer if she does the scanning. But it's ok.  I rela, sebab mahal2 pun, I suka her explanation sambil scan tu.  Tak macam some sonographer yg dok main tonyoh je alat tu kat perut kita and... done!  Duh!  Furthermore, dgn Dr Sofi I boleh mengada2 nak request gambar untuk letak dlm my  little bouncy's album.  

So today lepas consultation for a while, then Dr Sofi just check perut, dia rasa2 perut nak tgk kedudukan rahim kat ne.  Dr cakap dah naik sampai ke pusat.  Ok, that explained why last week pusat and tali pusat i sakit yg x terkata.  Bila tanya dia pun dia ckp sbb the uterine pressure sbb dah expand sampai pusat.   Nothing to worry :)

Then after that, part yg i tunggu2 (since no scan is performed kan).  Doctor letak doppler kat perut utk nak dengar baby's heartbeat.  Alhamdulillah, sgt laju heartbeat my bouncy ni.  Tengah2 layan the sound of the bouncy's heartbeat tetiba... bunyi dush!  Then Dr Sofi gelak,  Terkejut gue!  Dr cakap, baby tendang.  Lol.  Patut la pun Dr gelak.  Ingat kan kenapa.  Hubby siap ckp ingat kan bunyi perut lapar.  Hahahha. 

As for my weight, I only increase 0.8kg after 4 months pregnant.  Dr cakap basically I did not put on weight (which is good she said).  Yang increase tu is actually the baby's growing and also the placenta.  Dr cakap with my weight yang overweight before preggy dulu, I should not increase more than 9kg throughout the pregnancy.  So basically, what she's saying is with the baby's weight, placenta and hormon growth, berat badan i yg boleh increase is only about 2-3kg.  Wahh... really have to watch that I don't go beyond that!  But of cos at the same time, Dr xde la suruh i diet kan.  Dia ckp, "don't listen when ppl said bila pregnant ni u r eating for two.  Nope! u shd not be eating for two.  u shd eat smart, eat healthy and nutritious food."

  Baekkkkk doc!

As for my sugar level is concern......Dang!  This week my sugar level is abit haywire!  My fasting sugar is high as in at a borderline and my bsp pun tinggi despite the same type of food I've been eating.  When I told Dr Sofi, she is very calm.  Dia cakap, sebab pregnancy has advances so insulin tu dah x cukup.  so even though I makan benda yg sama like the previous weeks, but as the pregnancy advances, mmg kena increase the dose sbb more pregnancy hormones dah increase and my current dose x cukup.  So sah2 la bila jumpa my endocrine specialist, sudah pasti dia akan increase my insulin dose.  Oh nevermind, what ever it is, mmg kena cucuk pun no matter what is the dosage.  So terima saja la.  

I always remind myself, jgn stress!  Be calm and embrace each moment :)

So that's all for now.  InshaaAllah more updates on the bouncy.  

In the meantime, enjoy my other rambles yah!



ieza said...

Ooo samw goes to me, rase mcm something bdenyut2 kat pusat gak, tapi last week lupe nk tanye doc ...hihi thnks for tne info :)

NazLurve said...

hi ieza, yup ms pusat i sakit tu, tali pusat i mcm kena carik2. lol. time tu gak i google and kebanyakan mmg ckp pasal rahim kita expand. and bila tanya doc pun, she said the same. ;p