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Friday, 1 March 2013

Big Bad Wolf Sale!!

Been waiting for the sale to come back and yes!!! finally it's back!!  So walaupun I know that I am not in the condition to jalan2 lama2 and bersesak2 (thank god it was not sesak yesterday!), I still wanted to go to the fair.  I wanted to witness myself how cheap are those books that were being sold there.  Luckily my sister said that she wanted to go as well, so since she'll be driving, at least I can save up my energy just for jalan2 in the exhibition hall!! hehe.

The sale was for 4 days this time.  From 28 Feb to 4 March.  Same place as before dekat the mines convention centre only that this time it is only open for 12 hours.  from 9am to 9pm.  Unlike before, I think it was opened for the whole 24 hours every single day!  To avoid the crowd, we decided not to go on the weekends.  And the last day would be quite late sebab takut all the nice books habis!  So we went on Friday, office hours and during the Friday prayer time.  Hehe!

It was definitely a bargain!!! Sangat sangat sangat murah!!!  Within 10 mins, I have already grabbed myself 4 books! And to avoid overspending, I have actually decided what books I should be looking for.  Memang kalau ikut nafsu memang banyak giler la i nak belek2.  But due to energy constraint (and budget constrait!), I've decided to only look for certain books.  Of cos the most important book is on pregnancy itself.  So I got few books on this.  And I manage to grabbed 3 novels too.  Wanted to get more but by this time dah penat giler!  And not forgetting, books on cats, cats and cats! :)))

Total damage was around RM60 but hei! for 13 books that is not a damage at all right!.  My budget was actually RM100 so yeah, I did spend within the budget itself... yeahaaa!

I feel bad sebab I did not get anythg for the hubby.  Sorry sayang, serious tatau nak beli buku apa for u!  But  on my way home, I decided to give hubby 3 books I bought.  The books on cats (since he loves cats too!!) and another book on marriage - "5 simple steps to take your marriage from good to great".  Hehe..

And for my good friend who conceived at almost the same as I am, i also bought for her one of the books I bought for myself - "Pregnancy, Childbirth and for Newborn, the complete guide".  Bila nak jumpa u eh? Nak pass buku ni.  Hehe!

So that's about it.. the big bad wolf sale! Definitely make me a one happy mommy to be!


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