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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Entering 16th week

Alhamdulillah, am entering 16th week @ 4 months next week.  Will  be seeing my gynae end of the week.. yippeee!  Been counting days nak jumpa dia.  I siap text her cakap x sabar nak jumpa dia. Lol!

So far, my nausea dah kurang banyak.  Muntah mmg dah xde. Penat and ngantuk pun kurang la.  What I encounter now is that my lower abdomen agak sakit at times in addition to the on and off back pain.  And yesterday, I had a very painful tummy near the navel area.  Macam kena carik2 tali pusat ku kat dalam tu.  Nak kata angin, I think I've been eating like no one business.  Sebab before this if rasa sakit camtu sbb gastric.  From the google search, it says those sharp pains are normal around this time sbb uterus tengah expand so semua organ2 dlm badan tgh nak give space for the uterus to membesar.  Though the sharp pain is very uncomfortable and it won't allow me to sit or stand for long, but it is still bearable la.  So all I have to do is baring je la semalam.  It ease the pain sikit la if not all.  Alhamdulillah, today dah x rasa sharp pain kat navel tu, but if the pain comes back, inshaAllah, it would not worry me so much la kot since I know now why.

More updates on my little bouncy inshaAllah lepas jumpa gynae nanti.  :)

On a separate note, I've already have a 80% completed checklist for mummy and baby.  And some stuffs pun dah start dibeli as and when terjumpa yg berkenan and within budget.  More of it akan dibeli masa the coming expo kalau ada yg within budget as well as masa dekat2 nak bersalin nanti.  Baju baby belum start beli lagi sbb belum tahu baby apa kan, so that one can wait.  InshaAllah, in May/June baru start cari  baju baby. :)


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