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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hubby's off to JayBee!

Sunday morning! A lazy lazy sunday morning! Ala... x boleh lazy sangat la... pagi2 dah kena bangun nak gi Tesco. yes! today kitorg pergi tesco sangattttttttttttttt awal!! Reason being, hubby is leaving for JB tengahari nanti for 1 week. And the sad part is... this time I tak boleh ikottt... uwaaaa!! if it is not because of my doctor's appointment esok, sudah pasti I tak kan melepaskan peluang ikot hubby outstation!! well, that is the beauty of being a housewife kan? :)))

Sent hubby to his friend's house in Puchong sbb they all car pool pergi JB. Kalau I ikut, xde la dia nak car pool sbb i ada kan. Hehe.. so since I tak ikot ni, car pool la dia, xde la boring sgt sorang2.

Time cam ni rindu pulak kat hubby ku ni.. mcm ni la bila hidup berdua je... yelah belum ada anak lagi so life revolves around each other je la kan. Teringat hubby's spontaneous action before he left to JB tadi. He picked up Fluffy and kissed him, then he picked up Rezki and kissed her too. And said bye bye to them. Hehe so cute la him. Ok.. I mmg selalu buat camtu bila nk gi mana2 even before kawin lagi. But bila hubby buat camtu jugak, i feel touched... alhamdulillah bahagia betul rasanya dpt suami yg sayang kan meow meow juga.. :)

Okie dokie, nothing much to update tonite. Nak tido awal sikit malam ni. Am feeling not too well... cam nak demam pulak... sore throat dah start menyerang ni. Better take some medicine and go to bed now.

Tatatititutu ~

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