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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My latest gadget..

Gadget la sangat kan...lolz.  This is my new BBT thermometer.  Bought at caring pharmacy.  Hubby yg belikan sebab tu dia main beli je despite that I already informed beli if murah je.  And my murah is actually below RM20 sbb the last one that I bought was only RM15.  Was a Guardian brand.  But ok je jugak.  Am not sure how different this one is compared to my old one.  Lets see some of the basic functions here:

For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement
Unique broad sensor tip for comfort and more accurate measurement

* Fast measurement 60 seconds for oral
* Broad measuring tip gives a more comfortable and accurate reading
* 2 decimal reading, detecting changes as small as 0.01C
* Accurate - measures actual temperature in C and F
* Jumbo & clear display - Easy to read
* Last reading recall
* Buzzer- Beeps when measurement is completed
* Battery can be replaced

Apparently hasil google'an ku, this brand mmg recommended for those planning for pregnancy. And... some websites actually sell this same exact model with a more expensive price. So kira murah jugak la the price that we paid tu. Lucky us ya? Hihi..

If u wanna know more info bout BBT ni, i guessed u can just google sebab mmg banyak info on BBT and how it can help with pregnancy.  So sila la meng' gugle ye.

As for me, nak tahu cara2 I take my bbt ni?  Senang saja..

1.  Tiap2 pagi set jam at the same time.  Since kena bgn pukul 6am, so bila jam bunyi kul 6am tu, celik2 mata terus la capai thermometer ni.

2.  Masuk kan dlm mulut (bawah lidah) and tunggu sampai bunyi beep beep beep.  Then keluar kan, lap2 sket, off and masuk kan dlm sarong dia balik.

3.  The one that I used before and this new one is auto save for the last reading.  So x payah la susah2 nak catit kat kertas and so on kan.

4.  Then bila dah fully awake and on computer, enter the data dalam  Oh, of cos u have to register dulu kat FF tu ye. So every cycle dia akan tunjuk graf, indicate bila kita ovulate etc.

Itu saja... tatatititutu... ;p

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