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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some calls can't just be ignored!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was having a very bad fever and super bad sore throat for the past few days.  So most of the time, I had to ignore the phone calls sbb mmg x larat sangat nak jawab and i can barely talk with my voice like itik.  So nak dijadikan cerita ada la few calls from the same unfamiliar number on Tuesday morning. Malasnya la nak angkat, so tgk je la the phone ringing.  After 4 calls, it stopped.  Thank god!  I can continue sleeping in peace now!

Later that day, I opened my gmail and saw an email from a headhunter:

Greetings from XXX!

Hi Ms Nazehah,

Thank you for sending your resume across. I have tried to call you numerous times, but to no avail.
Kindly return to my call or email me to advise on the best time to speak.
Thank you and good day ahead.

Best Regards,

Consultant - Accountancy & Finance
Level XXX, Menara 3 Petronas
KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Alamak!! Dang!

Terus reply to that person and agreed on the time to speak i.e. the next day. Yelah nak borak2 the same day tu pun no point gak if i keep clearing my throat kan.

The phone call went well yesterday, ala dengan headhunter je pun and she wanted to understand my background better. About half and hour juga la. She sounded very confident of my resume. After the call, she asked me to reply her email with some details I have shared over the phone. Told her that I will do so and she can expect to see the reply first thing in the morning today.

So this morning at about 8.50am, I received another email from her:

Greetings from xxx!

Hi Ms Nazehah,

Thank you for your time over the phone yesterday.
I have forwarded your profile and this email to my client. I am very confident with your CV.
I will keep you updated in the progress of your application.

Thank you and good day ahead.

Best Regards,

Baru je nak reply email dia nak tanya how soon will I hear from the client... belum sempat nak click send, sekali dia call la pulak... she said the client has come back to her and is happy to read my CV (Alhamdulillah....). So the client wants to meet for an interview. Ohhh... alhamdulillah.. amin amin..

and follow by an email from her...

Greetings from xxx!

Hi Nazehah,

Thank you for your time and effort in attending this interview.

Please find the following interview details :

Company : xxxxx
Date : xxx October 2012
Time : 11.00AM
Address : Level xxxx, Menara xxxx,xxxx Jalan Ampang,50450 Kuala Lumpur
Website : xxxxxxx

Job Description of Tax Specialist

· You will be reporting to Tax Partners in Malaysia and Singapore.
· The position will see the candidate being groomed to a Tax Partner (exciting!)
· You will need to display capabilities in the following : Diligence, Analytical Skills and Representative (how you carry yourself) & excellent social attitude.
· Benefits includes Medical, Fitness Membership, Company phone, Laptop, 20 vacation days, and bonus pay out (6 months & may vary depending on business and individual performance)
I wish you all the best with the interview. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you.

Wow.... my first thought, wahh cepatnya semua process ni... within 2 days dah dapat invitation for an interview. Yelah, after months of job hunting, mmg most of the time berjanggut la tunggu company nak revert kan. and tu kalau yg revert. kalau x, pending jer la.. Alhamdulillah... even though tak sure lagi dapat ke tak but bersyukur sgt. So now nak prepare myself for the interview. Berdoa byk2 supaya dapat. Kawan2 doa for me too ok. Dah x larat nak dok umah rasa nya. Semoga semua nya dipermudahkan. Ada sorang kakak yg I'm close with ni selalu ckp

"Doa byk2 naz, kalau mmg rezeki naz, semuanya dipermudahkan"

InsyaAllah... Amin amin Ya Rabbalalamin...

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Wan Amira said...

happy for u sweetie!! doa banyak2 ok.. insyaAllah everything will go as plan (plan for Him)