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Monday, 10 September 2012

Making a come back?

I have been wanting to re blog again but often i ended up reading my old posts and forget about writing.  Many things happened throughout the 2 years plus since my last post.  Sooo.... many things.. indeed!  Happy, sad, ups, downs.. things that i should have jotted down here but I did not.  It is not about not having time to write.  I just lost the mood / interest to write. for some unknown reason, which i myself do not know.

Nevertheless, this time.. i am taking a step at a time.  Of cos i can't expect my blog to suddenly have it's life back after so long.  But it will soon have.  :)

p/s:  so that i don't offend anyone, some previous posts need to be deleted/hide.  So more work for me to go through my previous posts before re setting my blog to public again :))

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