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Friday, 28 September 2012

My adorable fur-babies!

While listening to Najib's on tv, mari la kita berblogging sebentar.  Malas nak concentrate sgt... apa2 esok bleh baca paper... hihihi.. so.. since dah lama x write about my furkids, mari kita paste gambar2 cumel mereka di sini :)))

Tunggu time org nak tido, dia pun nak tido atas katil jugakk

Fluffy.. i think it's warm here sbb tu terjelepuk camni...

Rezki with her bantal busyuk!
My new dress... but now dah x muat sbb perut dah besar :))

Comel kan mereka? At this point of time tinggal 2 je kat rumah.... x larat nak bela ramai2.  ni pun tgh tggu rezki give birth.  As to now tatau lagi babies dia we all nak jaga or give away.  We shall see.... ;p

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