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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

2013 Budget : BR1M 2.0

Reference is made to my previous post on Highlight of 2013 Budget.  So, it has been announced in the news last night with regard to the extended BR1M on the assistance of money of RM250 for single unmarried individuals aged 21 and above with monthly income not more than RM2,000.

Sapa tgk news tu? 

Sadly.. unfortunately, students are not qualified for this BR1M.  So even though you are above 21 years of age and single and earning less than RM2,000, if u are a student, u r NOT qualified.  Diulang sekali lagi... TAK layak yer...

Kesian adik2 ku yang excited2 nak pergi claim. 

Reason being, these students are already entitled for the books vouchers. Oh well... pandai cover takpe.

Anyway, I was having this conversation with my other half.  

So macamana kalau seseorang tu below 21 years old.. let say 18/19/20 years of age.  A school dropout.  Has to work untuk menyara keluarga.  Income is less than RM2,000.  So tak layak la nak dapat.  Agak kesian kan.  Again, apa motifnya if BR1M tak dapat dihulurkan kepada mereka2 ni.  Of cos mereka2 ni pun definitely memerlukan bantuan ini kan.  Why min age is 21? Jeng... jeng... jeng.... sebabbbbbb....

Umur 21 baru layak untuk mengundi.... tak gitu?

So no point la bagi kat mereka2 yg below 21 walaupun mereka bekerja and memerlukan bantuan sebab mereka belum boleh mengundi.  

Anyway, kami x sokong mana2 pihak.  Cuma terfikir and berpendapat sedemikian.  Maybe ada la alasan2 lain yg lebih munasabah kan.

Itu saja  untuk hari ini.

Tatatititutu :)

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