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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Do dreams ways of telling us something?

I had a weird dream last night.  About an old friend.  In the dream, she was quite ill.  Was being treated by a pious man. The man was taking out stuffs from her body.  Bad stuffs.  While having the treatment, there was blood coming out from pores of her skin which in the dream, I was told that the bad stuffs were coming out the form of the blood.  I was awaken by the nightmare.  My friend and I, we were once close.  Then situations drift us apart as we both have other obligations path to follow.  Though, we still communicate once a while through text messages or facebook.  I performed my Subuh prayer right away and prayed that The Almighty safeguards and protects her from any evils or sickness.

Just before lunch, I checked my hp and of all days, received a text from her that day.  Replied her text and took the courtesy to ask of her well being.  Told her that I had a bad dream about her and that she was sick. Though I understand that nightmares do play trick on us at times, but it is not wrong to ask correct?

And she replied:
"Unfortunately your dream is telling you the truth.  I am sick......"  and the text continued.

It is not a normal sickness like having a fever, runny nose or equivalent.  It is more serious than that.  I shared with her the content of my nightmare and she was speechless about it.  She did share some stuffs too which I think it is quite personal to be shared here.  Nevertheless, she was thankful that I shared with her and plan to seek an opinion through consultation with someone with higher knowledge and background of our religion.

InsyaAllah... I will keep praying for her that she will be in the greatest of health.  Amin.

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