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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vistana Hotel, Penang - The 2nd visit

Here I am again.. for the 2nd time this year!

Credit to google image

As usual, I would not miss the chance to follow hubby when he has to go for an audit work outstation.  Same goes to this round.  Though this is the 2nd time to Penang this year and I am well aware that we will be staying here again, I don't really mind, or don't really care, for that matter.  Janji dapat ikot.  Hehehe..

Nothing much has changed since my 1st visit in January.  Everything looks more or less the same.  Hubby wanted a bigger room than last time sbb kesian wife dia nak stay dlm bilik nanti.  So this time around we took an Executive Deluxe.  Hah.. xde la much different from the normal Deluxe room pun.  I think the size is more or less still the same. I can't remember the bed size in the Deluxe room, but this Executive Deluxe come with a king-sized bed.  There is also a day bed in the Executive Deluxe.  But then, macam la I kisah day bed ke night bed ke.  I still would lie on the bed pun regardless day or night.  And ended up the day bed jadi tempat letak baju.  Hehehe.

Part of the lobby towards the restaurant

The room.
p/s: Sila abaikan model di atas.
So far, banyak2 hotel yang I pergi I think Vistana has the best fluffy pillows.  The pillow memang besar and empuk.  Sangat best. rasa cam nak beli je.  Even the comforter is sooo comfortable.  That's why I don't really bother with the day bed cos the bed itself is soooo comfy.  Mmg x nak bangun la setiap kali baring.  Hehe.. melampau la kan.

The bath tub that hubby & I love to "berendam".  We even brought
 the bubble bath gel bought from body shop for the water.

Bathroom is nice and clean.  Towels pun cantik, thick and takde stains or koyak.  Unlike some hotels. dush! I love how they put the glass at the side of the bath tub instead of using the tub curtain.  The glass is only half side.  But it managed to make water stay in the tub.  Kalau curtain, even though it is a full size length, air still tumpah2 kat bawah.  Benci... it makes the floor wet and slippery!

I love the bath gel (pink colored bottle).  It smells very fruity!

Usual tea/coffee making facilities.

Amenities are the usual ones like other hotels.  Nothing unusual.  There is also a hairdryer though I don't really use it.  Then there is iron and iron board readily available too which is good sebab some hotels you have to request them and after certain hours they will take it back after that sebab guest lain nak pakai pulak kan.  And the best part now is that that have pun in a WiFi in the room.  Last time I came, they were still using the internet cable.  So we can only use laptop to go online.  Sekarang dah ada WiFi, best sket sbb other devices pun boleh guna.  And mind you, the WiFi is so lajuu!!  Seronok betul download movies.  Hehe..

Strictly for adult.  Budak kecik kat ujung sana.

This is the swimming pool.  The place where hubby & I practice our swimming skills every evening.  Both, hubby & I love water! So we definitely won't miss the chance to jump into the pool.  Depth is 1.4 meter.  Basically just below my chin.  Dalam jugak la but still ok.  Senang nak swim sebab tak shallow sgt.

The gymnasium or it is called fitness center here.
 To sweat of the body, this is the place where I go to usually around lunch hour.  Since I don't take lunch (due to heavy breakfast), so I spent my lunch time here.  Usually tak lama pun.  Just around one hour on the threadmill and bicycle.  Then as always, I would do some weights before warming down.  This  gymnasium is overlooking the swimming pool.  And there is music at the background.  So I can say that it is quite relax and serene.  The only thing I don't like is that the equipment is quite old.  They should change it already since there are many latest and modern equipment in the market now.  Threadmill dia sangat la uzur.  Berbunyi2 bila laju.  Scary jugak la kan.  I ought to put then in suggestion form later.

Picture credit to google image
 And last but not least, the main reason why hubby always like to stay at Vistana Hotel Penang sebab belakang hotel ni ada Restaurant Original Penang Nasi Kandar!  Memang tak lepas kan peluang setiap kali datang sini.  Ni mmg ori la.. and lazat!  I yg x nak makan nasi pun "terpaksa" makan sebab kalau x rugi.  Hehe.  My sister sampai kirim suruh bawak balik KL lagi :)))

Picture credit to google image
And of course, this Bukit Jambul Complex is just a walking distance from the hotel.  Too many stuffs are being sold here.  Ala-ala PKNS la. Semua yg boleh jual ada di jual.  Lolz.  We like to go here to buy food stocks at Mydin.  And dikesempatan ni, this visit, me managed to make our glasses sekali since we were here for 1 week.  Sempat la siap.  It was veryyy cheap.  Sebab tu la buat kat sini.  Hehehe.

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