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Friday, 19 October 2012

Halia O Halia

A very short entry today.

Been looking for pati halia.  Ada ke such thing?  Hubby lately asyik nak minum teh O halia sebab nak buang angin.  I pun tersuka juga teh O halia ni.  Sebab mmg terkentut2 and sendawa je selalu lepas minum.  So I ni dok la menumbuk or blend halia.  Sampai bawak ke hotel la halia yg ditumbuk tu buat stok. Nak cari short cut way by using ready made pati.  Tapi x jumpa.  But hubby found this instead..

It's a ginger powder.  I think this is used in cooking to spice up food.  But it is worth a try to see if we can substitute this with our original ginger.  I've actually tried it and it definitely gives  the same taste and aroma.  Cuma for some reason it is quite difficult to dissolve even in hot boiling water.  Hmm.. x kisah la.. it nevertheless save time and x payah la nak menumbuk2 halia tu. :))

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