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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

One more week!

Friday next week, cukup la 30 hari tempoh berpantang.  Wah, wah, cakap macam pantang beriya kan.  Semalam baru pekena ais cream jgn tak tau!  Ok la... actually the crucial time yg betul2 kena pantang is 14 days, ni pantang dari segi pemakanan, perhubungan, pakaian, etc etc lah.  So mmg within 14 days tu, betul2 jaga la.  Sekarang ni dah cheating2 sket. Mentang2 dah nak hbs tempoh kan. Muehehhehe!

Ok la, straight to the point, actually nak share kat sini what did I do different from previous months when I got my 2 lines 2 months ago disamping doa yg tak putus2.  Actually as a reminder to me jugak so that kali ni bila start berTTC again, I boleh amalkan balik apa yang I buat before this.

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1.  Kapsul kacip fatimah org kampung - Was recommended by my SIL.  Apparently her biras consumed this juga and alhamdulillah lekat.  Alhamdulillah after 2 cycles consuming this, I conceived too.

· Digunakan secara tradisional untuk menyihatkan rahim.
· Melegakan keletihan dan untuk kesihatan wanita.

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2.  Basal body temperature -  started taking my BBT every morning.  It is actually good to do this in order to determine the window when we ovulate.  Kalau x before this main agak2 je.  By taking BBT, it gives an idea bila kah hari2 yg kita should bersungguh2 ber BD.  And of course you would need a proper device i.e. thermometer to take your temperature.  Actually the month I conceived was the 1st month I BBT'ed.  From my readings and classes from my sifu, to understand your cycle and to estimate the ovulation period is usually after you have BBT'ed for few cycles.  From there baru boleh senang nampak which CD you would usually ovulate.  All BBT data are then keyed in at untuk dia generate chart seperti diatas for me. 

Pix credit to Hamil Comel.

3.  Conceive Plus -  Conceive Plus™ fertility lubricant is a scientifically formulated sperm friendly vaginal gel designed to assist your path to getting pregnant naturally. That month was also the first month I guna CP ni.  This CP is not that cheap so we only used it masa agak2 time subur tu la.  That's why bergunanya ber BBT so you can roughly know when your ovulation period is.  So masa tu guna la CP ni.   Masa2 lain yg tak fertile tu, x payah la guna kan.  Membazir je.. lolz.  But anyway, I have found a online when this is selling quite reasonable.  InsyaAllah lepas ni boleh beli from online pula.  

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