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Thursday, 18 October 2012

All time favorite!

Orang kalau pantang jumpa bath tub, bila jumpa tu excited semacam sket ok!

Since our Master bedroom's bathroom was already renovated when hubby bought the condo and the bath tub has been removed, memang every time when we traveled, I really hope sangat2 hotel yg kitorg duduk tu ada bath tub.  Usually mmg all hotels ada la except for maybe budget hotels kan.  I mmg suka sgt berendam ala2 me'relax'kan minda gitu,  Sambil baca novel ke.  Ala2, orang puteyh gitu!  Ditambahkan pula dengan letak bubble bath.. waahhh.. syiokkkk...berendam dalam buih!! Mmg all time favorite!

Pastu bila kita syiok2 berendam, hubby pun nakkkk jugakkk... so harus la take turn kan.  Kacau daun sungguh! Maklum la dua2 bukan nyer slim... mana la muat kalau dua2 nak masuk dlm bath tub tu kan.  Harus la melimpah2 air keluar dr tub tu kalau dua2 gergasi dah masuk. 

Dulu masa mula2 we all guna bath salt.  Tapi tak best sgt la.  Plus I read somewhere where it said bath salt tu cam tak berapa elok.  I can't exactly remember why la sebab dah lama baca about that.  Kalau nak tau, sila la google ok.  Plus i x berapa suka sebab xde bubble kan, so mmg tak best la.  We were searching high and low for the bubble bath.  Last2 jumpa la kat body shop.  We bought it at Body Shop JPO so murah la sikit kan after discounts.  Memang sgt best bubble bath ni.


Features of this bubble bath are:

  • Gentle, sumptuous bubbles with a fresh and spiced vanilla scent.
  • Soap-free
  • Cleansing
  • Rich Lather
  • No parabens

How to use this bubble bath senang je.  Tuangkan 2 or 3 penutup into warm/hot running water. Then kocak2 air tu sikit2 using hands.  I suka sangat suka bubble bath ni.  Of course the scent is definitely heavenly too.  Mmg sgt relax.  Usually after berendam, I just rinse thoroughly and no longer sabun badan guna sabun lain.  I just love the Vanilla scent on my body. I totally recommend this if you guys nak cari bubble bath gak.

Ini la hasilnya lepas dikocak2 air tu..... and this kind of bubbles I hanya letak 2 tutup je.. bagus kan? 

Banyakkan bubbles!! Me so excited!!

Already jumped in.  Where are my feet?  The bubbles are so thick!

There you are! Tunjuk tapak kaki je la ye.. lain2 censored! ;p

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Wan Amira said...

geng emir.. i jarang nak berendam.. :D