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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


My sisters have been asking me what I want as a pressie bila baby lahir nanti.  Told them, I'll make a list and they can choose from there.  These are the things I akan beli lambat as I may not use it immediately.  Since I have bought most of the important and necessary things. Yang less important ni can wait but definitely will want to buy it kalau ada extra budget (unless I dapat as pressie la kan.. hehehhe).

So adik2 and kakak2.. eh, ada sorang je kakak. U can share this list with mama n ayah too ok. As well as cousie muzzie yg bertanya. *evil laugh*

And here's the list:-

1. Fisher Price Newborn to Todler Rocker - Pls browse online sbb it is much cheaper.  If am not mistaken, bawah RM200 boleh dapat.  Kalau retail it is RM300.

2.  Squeky toys - Anything, I don't intend to buy any just yet sbb baby kecik lagi x reti main lagi. nanti x pasal2 jadi dust collector pulak.

3. Baju baby pun boleh, tp beli yg 6 months above la so that boleh pakai lama sket.

4.  Bumbu seat - online leh dpt bwh RM200 gak. kalau kat luar RM200+

5. Baby Gym

Ok, buat masa ni, ini je yang boleh difikirkan.  so sistas, start saving for ur little niece/nephew ya.. hehehehe. Will have the list add on as time goes by.  Cheriosss!


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