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Friday, 29 March 2013

How hard is it to buy a stroller?

Stroller O Stroller!!

I think this is one of the most difficult items to find since we still have not found the "right" one.  The right one yg sesuai dengan our budget of course!  

Initially,  in my 1st trim, when we were surveying strollers at complex, mmg we surveyed for brands like Quinny, Graco, Chicco, etc etc.  But as I did more research and of course, re-visit our budget etc, I decided to look at other cheaper brands.  So when we were at the shop in Bangi, we managed to do some "test drive" on the available strollers there.  I jatuh cinta dengan  this stroller by Sweet Cherry.  Design ala-ala Quinny gitu.  But Quinny is darn expensive and beyond my budget kan.  Sweet Cherry is a Malaysia made brand if I'm not mistaken.  Price is definitely within our budget.   

Model : SCR 5


Suitable from birth till 3 years (<17kg>
Innovative design and portable lifestyle strollerLightweight aluminum frame
Adjustable backrest and footrest
Can be in forward or rearward facing
Traveling system: Compatible with C100 with additional adapter
Net Weight : 8kg

SCR 5 Stroller with SCR7 Carseat

Features :
Suitable from birth to10kg
Light weight and portable infant car seat/ carrier/ rocker
3-point, 1-pull padded safety harness
Traveling system: Compatible wit S300A and S301 strollers with additional adapter
Net Weight : 3.4kg

The best thing is that, this SCR 5 stroller is compatible with its SCR7 carseat.  So jadi la travel system.. wohooo! As for the price, the stroller is RM469 and kalau tambah the carseat, I need to add another RM239.  So total would be around RM708.  Not bad right? Tapi I belum survey online lagi, mana tau can get it cheaper.  And am still not sure nak beli carseat terus or beli stroller dulu as my SIL cakap nak bg her baby's carseat since diorg dah tak guna lagi.  What ever it is, the stroller price mmg dalam budget la.  And dear hubby pun macam suka je design ni :)

There is another model yg mmg 3 wheels, if u guys notice the SCR5 ni ada 4 wheels but yg depan tu kecil je so ala-ala 3 wheels jugak la. hehe.  The model yg betul2 3 wheels is SCR6.  

Model : SCR 6

Features :
Suitable from birth till 3 years (<17kg br="">Innovative design and portable lifestyle stroller
Lightweight aluminum frame
Adjustable backrest and footrest
Can be in forward or rearward facing
Traveling system: Compatible with C100 with additional adapter
Net Weight : 8.4kg

Cantik kan SCR6 ni. But it is slightly expensive la. Around RM689 tak silap. And they only have red colour. Don't get me wrong, I loveeeee red!! But, kalau nak beli the car seat skali macam x kena pulak sbb carseat pulak only have black color. dush! So i guess, kalau jadi we have to stick to SCR5 la kot. Oh, plus, the price of SCR5 is cheaper.. so a plus point there! Hehe.

So at this point, the SCR 5 is on top of the list la. Just nak survey if boleh dapat cheaper. If so, terus grab la. malas nak fk lagi. Ada few more items yang nak kena fikir ni due to the BIG investment of course!! 

Oh, next week ada the expo in MidValley. Been waiting for it sebab org cakap yang MV punya best. Tatau la kan. Nevertheless, hope it will not be disappointing ya!


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