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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dilemma : Where to give birth? - Part 1

Alhamdulillah I'm in my 22nd week now.  In less than 2 weeks, I'll be in my 6th month pregnancy.  InshaAllah.  So by now, dah start ushering for a place to give birth.  Actually, I only have two places in mind.

Either UMMC


UMSC (UMMC private wing)

Currently, all my check ups and glucose monitoring are done in UMMC.  So, it is easier if I just deliver there since all my records are there.  I don't really mind the fact that it is a semi-government hospital because ever since I started my check ups there, I am happy with the services.  Plus, the cost is very reasonable too.  Well, of cos hubby's GL cover the medical check ups and medicine so no worried on the cost for ante-natal check ups at all.  And the best thing is that I have the priviledge to see the same gynae each time for the check ups since she is my cousin.  Plus point there!

Nevertheless, I have my concerns if I were to deliver my little bouncy there.  Putting aside the thiny minny reasons, the main concerns are :

First, husband is not allowed to go into the labour room!!  

Ok, honestly, I have people telling me all sort of reasons why your husband should be in the LR with you.  And the ultimate reason is "ur husband should watch u give birth so that he sees how u suffer and will appreciate u better.. bla.. bla.. bla.. " Well, true enuf, but I think if the husband is really an appreciative person, x payah tunggu nak bersalin la baru nak appreciate kan.  The fact that ur wife carries a life in her for nine months, going through all the tough moments during that months pun dah patut nya jadi eye opener to the husband to appreciate the wife.  For me, I have my own reason why I want my husband to be with me during my labour.  Ok, I shall rephrase that.  I have my own reason why I want NEED my husband to be with me in the LR.  Only god knows how long I will be in labour before I finally delivered my baby.  Yes, x semua org masuk LR and keluar one or two hours after that.  Ada yg sampai berbelas2 jam ok!  So throughout this moment, I tak nak sorang2.  I NEED my husband to be there, to hold me, to rub my back when the contraction strike, to comfort me, to support me with his words and prayers.  I x sanggup nak keseorangan dlm LR to menahan sakit and bosan kalau lama sangat.  Nak2 nyer no phones allowed ok!   Memang i nanges ok! And jangan harap la the nurse will sit down to comfort u kan?

Second, the fact that you can't choose a doctor utk delivery.

I asked my cousin if I can request for her to sambut my baby nanti or not.  She said she can't promise.  Dang!  Ok, I totally understand her situation.  Being in a government based hospitals where everyone schedules are fixed and semua kena follow protocols make it hard to not follow procedures.  So nanti kalau LR tu it is fixed sapa yg on duties etc, so maybe mcm x best la kalau suka2 hati nak override other doctors kan.  Plus, my cousin is not only a gynae there but she is also a lecturing professor.  So mmg super duper busy!  The fact that my cousin said she can't promise, instead of she totally can't make me thinking twice to deliver there already.  Ye! sebab I takut and dah start imagine nanti ntah doctor2 mana lelaki or perempuan, x mengira bangsa dok selok2 my vjj nak tgk dillation.  Gerunnnn... all sizes of hands, ohhh tidakkkk!  It is not about, the time baby keluar, and doctor tarik or the fact that doctor mana2 tu suruh push etc.  It is merely the fact that these unknown doctors yg silih berganti masuk utk "masukkan" tangan dalam my miss vjj!!!!!!  Ya Allah, help me!

Third, the fact that UMMC is a learning hospital.

Soooo...... at times i heard and read, students will gather around ur bed bagaikan menyaksikan sesuatu pertunjukan!!!! PUSSSHHHHHH!!! Dengan muka menahan sakit, u have crowd with strangers around ur bed tengok muka u yang tgh push!! Nak ke?  Shouldn't u have a little privacy there?  Nevertheless, I heard we can request that we do not want any students to check or touch or enter ur LR. So am not so worry about this.  Kalau ada jugak yg x paham, mmg kena jerit la kot nanti ngan I kan.  Ada jugak some doctors yg suruh these students selok tau!! Learning exposure la konon nya.  Weh!! Ingat kita ni guinea pig ke? 

Opps panjang lak entry ni.  So ni la my concerns x nak deliver kat UMMC.  Nanti i continue with my concerns on delivering at UMSC pulak yeah.  Now nak solat dulu. Dah lambat dah ni.. ;p


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