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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Project for today : Washing up baby gears!

Since I woke up pretty early today, I decided to start washing baby gears yg ada ni sikit2.  Yeap, I know it is kinda early, still have around 4 months to go, but what the heck!  Lagipun I think bila dah msk 3rd trimester mmg dah x larat dah.  So, while I still have the energy (and time) to do it.  Buat je la.  Plus, malas nak kumpul2 bila dah beli semua baru basuh sebab it's kinda tiring ok nak basuh si kecil si kecil ni.  Ni pun mula2 berangan nak hand-wash.  Last2 rendam half an hour, then off u go into the machine.  Hehehe.

But dang!

Hujan pulak masa nak sidai.  Oh!  Wrong day! Tettttt....

So far, I think I have enuff mittens and booties.  Beli sikit2 rupa2 nya dah banyak dah yg terkumpul. So enuff buying that for now ye Naz! Unless murah!

From yesterday sale, I managed to grab 6 suits.  Ok, tak tahan punya pasal, 4 of the suits colour PINK! muehehhehe.  Am not supposed to buy PINK just yet.  Tapi x tahan la. They are sooooooo cute!  Hubby pun tanya, why beli pink?  I senyum buat muka kambing je.  Then I told him, xpe la kalau boy pun, he can still wear pink since his daddy pun ada shirt kerja kaler pink. so ok what?  Hehehhe.

Esok kalau rajin nak basuh barut, blanket and napkins pulak. Hope the weather is hot & sunny!


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