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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Baby checklist: More baby stuffs!

Nampak x poster kat atas ni?  It's almost everywhere in Subang Jaya kot.  But I got to know about it from the ever greatest shoppingNsales website la kan.  The evil website yg sangat x bagus untuk wallet!! muehehhehe.. 

So last weekend, I buat muka comel kat hubby ajak pergi tengok apa yang ada.  So before we went on our anniversary date, kitorg pun singgah la tempat ni.  Ok, seriously I tak aman pergi dengan hubby sebab kesian dia kepanasan. And knowing me yg sangat suka belek2 letak, belek2 letak, so I just grabbed some stuffs yg mmg confirm I nak.  Dalam hati dah tekad nak datang again... with my mum! Best shopping partner ever sebab dia pun suka meleceh like me! hehehe.  So that visit on weekend with hubby tu mcm teaser je la.  Sempat jeling2 harga, yg dalam kedai mmg no discount la.  Same je kalau beli kat shopping complex.  But yg kat area luar tempat panas tu. haaaa itu mmg murah2!!

So today, I pancing my mum untuk teman i.  Well actually I need to service my car, so alang2 boring kan service keta sorang2 so i called my mum tanya nak pergi x tgk sale tu.  But of cos she has to pick me up kat the workshop.  My mum mmg suka la kan orang ajak dia pergi sales ni.  So dengan pantas dia setuju. Yay!

We were there kejap je, an hour or maybe an hour plus la.  Tak ramai pun org sbb weekdays kot and the sale is on for 2 weeks so not crowded at all la.  I had all the time to pilih2 barang2 yg I berkenan.  Of cos yang murah too!  This time mmg beli barang2 baby cos most of my barang dah beli.  And banyak beli mittens and booties and baju2 baby.  Mana tak nye, it is super duper cheap.  Baju sepasang, RM10 je.  And brands yang I bought were Anakku, Bebe, Pureen, Disney.  And ada another set with matching topi, bib, mitten n booties for only RM15.  Gila murah kan?!  Kalau beli mittens and booties set je, dia jual RM3 per set. Faint!  Yang ni mmg I borong all designs!! hahahaha.

Besides that, stuffs yg I beli were like baby wipes, towels, blanket, nipples for the storage bottles (yeap! found the right size for the bottles!) and few other things.  

Ohhhh!!! tak lupa juga, I beli diapers jugakkk ok!! But I didn't borong la despite my cousin said it is cheap.  Just beli 2 packs of Newborn 64.  Satu brand Pet Pet and another one brand Drypers.  I bought it for RM26 each.  Actually I pun tatau how much it costs kat supermarket.  And mmg tatau la how much is considered cheap.  But since my cousin said the price I got is a good price, so I beli je la. Beli je 2 packs dulu, nanti kalau ada sale lagi boleh la beli tambah2 lagi.  My cousin cakap for a newborn, kena tukar pampers baby quite frequent juga sbb takut rashes.  So max per day almost 10 pieces la.  And awal2 dia pesan, buy as many as possible when there are sales while pregnant ni sbb once dah deliver mmg xde masa nak pergi sales untuk cari pampers at low prices.  End up nanti u'll just be grabbing the one in supermarket dengan harga retail yg mahal.  Ye, itu contoh apa my dearest hubby akan buat.  Sebab dia bukan kisah benda yg sama tu mahal ke x, and no way he's going to all shops or sales surveying.  Dia akan grab je apa yg ada depan mata!

I malas nak amek gambar for all the stuffs that I bought sbb barang2 biasa je.  So korang imagine je la barang2 tu ok. Lol.  Apa yang penting, dah boleh "checked" some items dalam checklist! yay!


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