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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dilemma : Where to give birth? - Part 2

Ok, meh I sambung balik my post from the previous entry.  Busy pulak lately, x sempat nak sambung.  

Basically, as for UMSC, there is no major concern la utk deliver my baby there.  Except one thing!


I know UMSC is considered cheaper as compared to other well known private hospitals. But when I checked with the admission counter, agak tergamam jugak la dengar the charges.  For a normal delivery, the package is around RM4K.  This price is a basic cost, without complications, vacuum, forceps, epidural etc.  And of cos it does not include baby care too.  So kalau include baby care, checked with my friend, kena tambah another RM1K camtu.  So normal delivery (without complications) kena put aside RM5K.

As for a c-sec pulak, package is from RM7K.  Plus baby care of approximately RM1K, so around RM8K. Of cos there are taxes and medicines etc, so the cost may be more. 

Honestly, if u have the "moolah" or ur company is paying for the bills, I would totally recommend the hospital.  I totally love it sebab the one thing yang best, once u r admitted, u tak payah pindah2 utk pergi labour room (unless kena c-sec, then kena la pergi OT) sebab ur ward is also your labour room.  And it is big! so kalau family datang ramai2 and berkampung kat situ pun xpe.

Hubby asked me to check other privates but I am kinda reluctant sebab my records are all in PPUM so I think lagi senang kalau kat UMSC je sebab they are connected.  And to go for LHDN panel, lagi la I tak nak sebab it is so far.  Kat Bangi.  Kalau panel mmg totally covered la kan.

Honestly, mmg I feel sangat down the day I found out about the cost.  I have to face the fact that we are currently on a single sourced income.  So walaupun, I know hubby can come out with the amount, tapi x sampai hati.  I told him, I can take out my savings from ASB/Tabung Haji to tambah2 in the event we faced the worst case scenario i.e. kena c-sec.   But hubby tak bagi.  So our decision left hanging at that time.  

Actually, I still do not know my condition macamna.  Conditions of whether I can deliver naturally or not.  Obviously I HOPE, I PRAY AND I WANT to go for normal delivery.  But my gynae belum cakap apa2 lagi of whether I can have a normal delivery ke x.  It all depends on my baby size nanti (due to my gestational diabetes) and also my pelvic bone.  So around 37 weeks kot baru tau.  Hence, kalau bersalin kat UMSC, kalau dapat normal delivery tu I think, we can still pejam mata with the cost.  Cuma kalau emergency c-sec ke, mmg terasa jugak la sikit sebanyak.  

With the baby coming, honestly, I think we need to save more for post delivery.  Though most of the stuffs dah dibeli but to spend RM8K at one go... hmmm.... we have lots to think about!

As of now, apa yang I boleh buat is to berdoa, berdoa and berdoa.  Agar dipermudahkan segalanya and for us to make the right and the best decision.  Well, actually by the time I write this post, we have already a decision in mind.  So I pray that this is the best one for hubby, me and our little bouncy.  InsyaAllah, Amin.


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