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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Home sweet home.. nyeh nyeh.. not yet!

~ Still work in progress ~

A friend of mine mms'ed me earlier today with her message "Eh, rumah you dah naik la.."

Oh, quite surprise to see the progress. 2 months back I was kinda worried sbb tgk cam x gerak2. Siap ada another friend of mine takut2 kan cakap ntah2 tergendala... cis! Thank god, the boyfriend as always, calmed me down saying that nak buat kondo nak kena kuat kan foundation dia. sebab tu la lama sikit. And in no time, tengok2 dah naik one tower. Mine is tower B, level 16. hehehe belum ada lagi tu. Soon.. insyaAllah.

Anyway, there will be 25 floors if I am not mistaken. Based on the floor plans, Level 1-5 will be the car park, level 6 will be the facility areas, level 7 and above will be the residential. Each residential levels ada 4 units of condominium. There are 2 types of units, Bungalow type and Semi D type. Mine is a Bungalow type, which means I won't have any neighbour next to me.. i.e. kira nya kalau pergi kat balcony tu, xde la balcony orang sebelah next to mine. Unlike Semi D type, there will be 2 balconies side by side. So cam my unit ni more privacy la kan.

The condominium is expected to complete insyaAllah end of this year. Gedebak gedebuk, nak dpt CF, amek kunci etc, so mid 2011 la kot baru boleh masuk kot. Anyway, bought the condo before I am with the boyfriend. Before this mmg la plan nak duduk kat sini tapi now there may be some change of plans. Nak2 nyer the boyfriend has already bought a condo jugak. So insyaAllah bila kahwin nanti, I'll be moving into his condo and my condo ni nampak nyer akan disewakan. Well, we'll think about that bila dah sampai masa nya.. huhuhu...

All in all, i am soooo excited to see the progress of the contruction of my condo.. ;p


Sharinginfoz said...

so mesti seronok sakan le rumah dah naik.. tunggu nak siap le pulak ya...

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Naz said...

aa'aah sonok gak la tgk.. sebab risau takut terbengkalai memandangkan thn lepas kan cam ekonomi slow sket.. huhuh.