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Friday, 29 January 2010

When your inbox needs cleaning up!

More than thousand unread messages.. demmit!

This is one of the earliest e-mails that I registered when I was first introduced to internet. I think I registered using this e-mail address sometimes in the year 1995 when i was still in the UK. Lama tu weh.. and yes, I have been using this address for official stuffs and this add is sort of my main email add la.

However, as time goes by, i realised that this email has become congested with soooo many emails notifications... facebook la, friendster la, geni la, bills la, ACCA la, and the list just goes on. And so, I no longer use this email for my official stuffs anymore. In fact, I hardly open this e-mail unless for specific purpose la kan like to view my maxis bills etc. And that normally happens once a month!

Anyway, what makes me open this email today? Hehehe.. this is because one of the bloggers (yeah, u know eho u r..*wink*) asked if i have a YM.. so when i on my YM today, which i also seldom on it nowadays disebabkan kat office dah kena block, so i saw the numbers of my unread messages in the email. Aduh... banyak nyer and malas nak tengok cos mmg dah agak where the e-mails come from. But suddenly it urged me to open and go through the lists... takut jugak mana la tau ada one or two important emails kan. As expected mmg banyak unimportant emails.. so, alang2 tu, i think i need to do some cleaning up in there... sigh!

So peeps, I guess it may take a while for me to delete all the unnecessary emails especially when the internet is super darn slow right. Oh well, wish me luck!


diana zainal said...

huh? sama la dengan i punya naz.sampai kak ita tanya pasal ape byk sangat ..haha.. ada 1395 unread emails. malas nak clean up. i biar je...hehehe

Naz said...

hahhaha tu la kan.. i pun malas nak clean up gak.. tu yg sampai beribu tu.. tapi rimassss... anyway, dah delete most of it. now tinggal 500++ jer.. hahahaha...