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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sushi Tei & diet yang tak jadi2..

Since big boss was not in the office today (supposedly not but she came around 4pm.. duh!), my officemates & i decided to drive out for lunch. While thinking of the place to go, teringat entry Raralicious makan sushi. Terliur beb... terliur!! It has been a while since I last ate Japanese food. And teringat that Mira & I memang nak bawak Pisah makan kat Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City since few months back tapi x berkesempatan. So, since Pisah is leaving the Company in a week time, we decided to belanja Pisah there.

~ Credits to Mira for the pics ~

Pisah & Myra

~ Pisah leaving for a better offer.. so happy for her! And introducing Myra, a new colleague of us from Pakistan and yes! that explains her gorgeousness ~

~ Mira & I~

~ owh.. mukaku yang sembab & mata ku yang sepet!! ~

Unagi Kabayaki

~ Mira punya but she x habis... so... ku songlap kasi licin.. hihihi~

Teriyaki Steak

~ Mine.. mine.. mine.. sangat delicious.. (exaggerated sket la ha.. tapi mmg sedap!) ~

Jumbo Yakitori

~ I think it's chicken & beef in soy sauce kot, ni pisah punya, tapi ku songlap gak sikit.. huhu ~

Ni x sure apa.. sapa punya ek? Myra ke? hehe..

Garlic Rice with chicken

~ Pisah & Myra had this.. yeap.. Myra who never had Japanese food before dare not try others.. x kena ngan tekak kot.. heee... ~


all time favorite...

Soft shell crab roll

~ We (Mira & I) ordered another one again after our main course.. we had TWO of this.. yummy!!~

Lepas makan, I feel sooooo bloated... so bila nak start my 90-days on no rice nih?!! Asyik postpone jer nak berdiet nih... :(

Cayokksss Naz!


RARA said...

wow! best nye! nampak sedap taww.
i tak pernah try lagi, nnt nak try skali lah heheheh :P

this time i plak yang terliur tgk u makan! :P

Em's Family said...

next time we should order soft shell crab saje .. sedap!!

Naz said...

rara: mmg sedap pun.. u shd try one day.. :))

mira: yeah.. we should!

diana zainal said...

wah wah.. seronotnya nampak! i baru try soft shell crab last week.. all this while i suka stick to california roll je until my friend paksa makan soft shell tu. sedap gile :)

bb said...

naz...pisah dh nk benti yer...

kim salam kat die x jumpe korang2 kan...:)

Naz said...

yana: tu la, i pun masa mula2 try dulu, mmg every day dok teringat2 kesedapan nyer.. so now everytime pergi mkn, it's a MUST to order that!

Bibi: hi b!! aaah pisah tinggal 1 more week jer kat sini. Then dia pun nak tinggal kan kitaorg dah. Okie, nanti i ckp kat dia u kem salam. btw, invite la i to ur blog..hahaha.. private2 plak!! rindu nyer nak jumpa u, nak tgk u b4 u give birth. insyaAllah, nanti i singgah eh?

Kancilbiru said...

aku tak penah makan japanese food. teringin nak makan tapi tak reti nak order..sengal tak?? hehe

Naz said...

Niza: ala xpe, there is always a first time. pergi la.. rugi woooo... memang sodapppp!!!

iryani said...

i love japanese food..sedapnyer..lapar lak..hehehhe..

Naz said...

Iryani: i know.. everytime tgk asyik craving jer.. ni malas nak tgk nih.. aiyok~

iryani said...

hahahah..same goes to me..