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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Week ended 15 Jan 2010

My analytics this week is so so so low!! Yeap, blame it on me.. havent got the chance to updates stuffs.

Anyway, this week has been one hell of a tired week. Went home from work at 9pm almost everyday. Too much stuffs to finish up in the office.. even though I know.. the work can never finish.

Due to the tiredness, I had mild asthma attack on Friday. Actually the whole week memang dah rasa restless.. stuffy most of the time and lost of breath at times. Took mc on Friday.. owh anyway, there is a new rules for my department to those who is going on mc. Previously, who ever is on mc, he/she will sms the admin centre and the admin lady will send an email to the whole dept to inform that the staff is on mc. However, now, our partner has imposed new rules whereby whi ever that is going on mc has to sms our partner to let her know first before sms is sent to the admin lady. So on Friday morning I sms'ed la the boss:

"Ms. xxx, I'll be on mc today. I'm having asthma. - Naz"

"Have you seen the doctor?", aiseh boss ni... klinik x bukak lagi la...

"No, my dad is taking me to the clinic when it opens"


Owh well.. ok ok, that was that about my tired + sick moments last week. Despite all that, last week had nevertheless ended as a truly happy week for me.. tak sabar nak citer bout what happened, tapi kena tunggu dulu. I need to keep it a silent for now. No.. no.. nothing about my relationship ok.. hehehe. It's about something that I have been waiting for since end 2009.

InsyaAllah, by end of next week baru boleh war2 kan kat sini okie... :))


diana zainal said...

what's cooking babes? definitely good news for sure :) okay, updates when it's time ya? btw, take care ok.

Naz said...

yeap good news.. okie sure will gal!! :))