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Saturday, 23 January 2010

The time we go on separate ways

Picture taken from Mira

This was taken on Pisah's 2nd last day with the Company. Thank god we get to snap this pic b4 we went home that day cos the next day, Mira & I fall sick and we took the day off.. huhuhu..

From just office colleagues, we have bonded well during our time with the Company. They are my "kakis" whom I go to lunch together, shared gossips, cried together during the most stressful moments, good listener to what ever issues I have, be it work related or personal. And the most important thing, they are friends that I can trust.

With Pisah already gone, now left Mira & me. I, however, have tendered my resignation last week once I got the offers and currently serving my 1 month notice. Yeap, the three of us are going separate ways now. Separate ways to continue our own journey of lives.

To Pisah & Mira,

Thank you for being such a wonderful friends. Thank you for giving me the support when I was at my lowest point. I would not have the strength to stay on if I do not have u girls around. Thank you for lending me your shoulders for me to shed my tears. Thank you for listening to my problems and craps. Thank you for the time that we shared. Thank you for the guidance and experiences that we encountered together. Thank you for lending me your hands when I needed the most. Last but not least, thank you for being part of my life journey and remember, true friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value.

May our paths cross again one day.

All the best in continuing your journey and may both of you be blessed with more & more good things to come!

p/s: Yes mira, I will always remember the day that both of you helped me with the interview. It was hilarious now that I think about it again.. hehehe..

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