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Sunday, 24 January 2010

On being NOT appreciated

Before i proceed further, let me just highlight here that this entry does not meant to say/talk bad things about other people. This is just merely what i experienced and my observations and hence i want to write it here.. wth? my blog right?

Honestly, it is not an easy decision to make in leaving the Company. As this is my first job since graduated, I have been spending in and out of the department for 5 years now. What makes it even more harder is that I like my job.. and yes, i want to pursue further and move up the ladder in this career and be someone out of it.

So, what makes me want to leave?
  • Exposure
  • Politic
  • People
I don't think I've been getting the exposures & opportunities equivalent to some people. Oh, what a sec! Did I hear some people said that:

"Oh, she is hardly in the office, how could we give her the work. The turnaround time for this work is very fast, etc. etc."

To those people, stop bullshitting around with that excuses. Yes, I was hardly in the office before and so, due to that, opportunities were not given to me. Fine, fair enough. But what i find it weird is that, how come opportunities were also not given to my peers who were in the office all the time? And that all those work go to the same group of people over and over again?

Yes, we were told that if you want to do something, tell your managers, tell your counselor. I did that but anything? yeah.. more & more administrative things. But when the jobs came in, still no different, they go to the same bunch of people!

So when u do not have enuf of these exposures.. u will definitely get penalise when come year end. Is that fair? You didn't get that opportunities but u get penalised instead?

The no.1 rule... be in the right group of people! Even if you did bad, u have these people to back you up.. EASY! and you definitely walk on water through your time in the department.

The no.2 rule.. be a butt kisser. Pet the right people's shoulder. Uppss.. sorry.. this is not my area of expertise. I don't kiss butt and i don't pet shoulders!

The no.3 rule.. fake yourself. Even if you are upset with some people, you just need to fake it that you are OK with them. No matter how unhappy u are... u just have to wear your smile all the time... hypocrite that is...

Have you heard of this statement before, "People resigned not because they want to leave the Company but because they want to leave their superiors"

And to cut it short.. yes.. part of the reasons my friend & I are leaving is that we are indeed leaving our superiors.

p/s: Tetiba cam malas nak tulis panjang2 pasal politics & people ni. Apparently, lagi best to express verbally bout it as compared to write it down.. huhuhuhu.... perhaps i should cover the above in my exit interview later? what say u?

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