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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Korang tau x? I baru tau.. ketinggalan betul.. hahaha!

Carrefour go green?

Ok ok.. i have no idea since when it started. Haven't been to Carrefour for quite sometimes already (walaupun my house to Carrefour Subang is only 5 mins away). Anyway, went to Tropicana City to catch a movie (Universal Sodier), so singgah jap kat Carrefour there to buy some stuffs. Bought more then 10 items gak la... then masa bayar tu, cam pelik cos the cashier x letak dlm plastic. Then when i asked, she said "Oh, kalau kita charge satu plastic 10 sen, sekarang Carrefour dah x guna plastic." I was like "Laaa ye ke... tatau pun.. " malu pun ada time tu sebab cam rasa terketinggalan la plak.. hahaha!

Anyway, because I my stuffs cost more than RM100, the cashier said that they give the shopping bag as per the pic above. So next time nak dtg carrefour, bleh la bawak bag shopping tu lagi katanya.

So guys, when exactly this Carrefour go green thing has been started?? Lama dah ke? And kalau i nak shopping say like giant ke, tesco ker, boleh x bawak Carrefour nyer shopping bag ni? hehe.. ;p


Miss Marquis said...

saya pun tak tau pasal ni.
wah, bagus ni.

diana zainal said...

dah a few months dah naz. I think Giant has the same thing programme as well (something like every Saturday ke apentah, I baca paper la). Here, the Govt made it, that big hypermarkets and stores (i.e.: watson, sasa, mannings (guardian as known in Msia)) charges 50cents for every plastic bag that the customer requires. Tapi it is widely advertised and promoted so everyone is aware of this. Therefore, almost everyone brings their own reusable shopping bag whenever they go shopping/grocery shopping.

Naz said...

Miss Marquis: tu la kan, so skrg jgn lupa bwk shopping bag bila pergi shopping kat carrefour tau!

Yana: Hey, x aci.. how come u pun tahu.. ni mesti insider info ni.. hehehehe.. anyway, i think it is a very good campaign indeed..

Kancilbiru said...

aku baru tau...ingat Tesco jer ada. hehe..

Naz said...

Niza: oo tesco pun ada eh? btw aku baru terbaca kat mana ntah, kata nyer kat selangor ni tiap2 ari sabtu mmg non-plastic day.. huhuhu..