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Saturday, 2 January 2010


I'm so so happy

We found my engagement ring today @ Wah Chan, OU.

And he bought it...

Walaupun he said "B, ni belum u punya lagi tau, dah tunang baru jadi u punya."

and I replied "Ok.. tapi I simpan ye?" sambil buat muka comel..

Unfortunately, muka comel x jadi!


Tapi ku sungguh gumbira

I can sleep smiling tonite =)


diana zainal said...

Good, gooder, goodest! One item off the list! :)

Naz said...

heee yeap! =))

RARA said...


i'm happy for u :)

Naz said...

heee.. thanks ra! :))

Naz said...
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Kancilbiru said...


ayusolo said...

congrats babe....setel dah satu bende..nnt ada masa kita hang out yerk..ader citer sedey...:(