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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

All about the journey to become his wife

Hmm... macam banyak nyer masa yg ada sampai buka lagi satu blog kan.. well.. not really actually. Reason being is.. since I am now very active surveying on bridal stuffs.. banyak sangat websites yang I need to bookmark. Nak list down all in this personal blog of mine macam congested giler. So.. that's when I think another blog would be good.. kan kan?

So.. harap2 la i'll get to update both simultaneously.. huhu.. i'll try not to abandon this as this one memang I have been using for ages la jugak.. tak kan la nak abandon kan.. huhu..

Well.. so this is the url to my new blog... feel free to follow.. so far not many entry yet lar.. ;p

Lotsa love,


Em's Family said...

i wonder after this sure ade website untuk anakk uuu je, no more rizal kekekekeke

Naz said...

hehehehe.. cam speaking from experience jer u ni.. hhahahaha.. but tu la kan.. high possibility gak tu.. tunggu la when the time comes, we'll see what happen. maybe time tu u can say "I told you Naz!"..hehe