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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sometimes 3 years ago?

Went through "My Picture" folder and found this.

Was taken in 2007 at LCCT on our trip to Langkawi

Yes, permed my hair.

That was my first trial and definitely the last one too!



diana zainal said...

waaaa... who's that girl in red? I have not seen her for quite some time now.. boo hoo hoo.. :p
Takpe naz, kena try sekali seumur hidup, eventhough I have never tried permanent perm myself. Selalu buat sendiri yang sementara tu je.

Naz said...

yeah true, at least merasa la gak permed hair kan.. hahaha...

at the mo, i'm having a bad hair dayssss... huhu, nak kena gi wat treatment one of these days..