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Monday, 8 February 2010

Last working MONDAY with the Company

Approximately 7 more working days with the Company before I close the book of my 1st job after graduated.

Can't wait! Happy! Sad! Excited! Nervous!

Lots and lots of mixed feelings..

Anyway, went home pretty late today.. definition of late for me now is after 5.30pm lar! reason being, I was in the same lift with my BIG boss this morning and it was 9am.. sigh.. giler lambat.. tup tup sama lift la plak.. aiyak! so if I were to leave at 530pm today, cam what would she said right.. dah la datang lambat.. balik sikit punya punctual.. aiyok~! For all i know, kang x pasal2 she will go and ask MIS to print kita punya entry/exit itinerary. Like what she did to one of the senior managers who retired a couple of years back.. teruk kan?!

anyway, i don't want it to look so obvious of me NOT being fair to the company kan.. cukup2 la tu.. hahahaha... insaf kot? dah resign baru nak nak insaf? x payah ler.. hahahaha..

so I stayed la a bit late buat apa2 yang patut... and yang paling patut i would think of doing was cleaning up my workstation... but the before and after effect doesn't look any different... seriously i do not know when to start. banyak giler ok.. definitely coming this long weekend to clean up all and definitely gonna drag the bf to help!

So 7 more days left. My portfolio has successfully been shifted to other seniors already. So as of now, I just try to assist where possible la yang mana2 yang left over or outstanding. Harap2 sempat la. I'll try my best to finish what I have on hand with all the managers. Cuma just for this one particular manager a.k.a anak emas boss whom I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed and pissed off with, tak kuasa nak habis kan keja dia. Lantak la dia kan.. kancong x kena tempat. serve her right. Anyway, my colleague said that "Why don't for once you just tinggal kan jer keja dia, lantak la kan, dia nak wat apa lagi kat u kan." True enough, I should do that. After all that she did/said last year kan.. screw her lar!

Oh yang paling best, boleh pulak she sms'ed me today after office hour and asked me to call our counterpart in UK.. please la.. i didn't reply her sms.. but i did call though. Not for her but because I pity my staff, if not surely she has to call tomorrow.

Okie dokie, gonna sign off now and go to bed. Look forward to my last working TUESDAY with the Company!!

p/s: Last working monday & tueday because next week monday & tuesday cuti.. sangattt best.. and will be having a lunch date on Wednesday... dengan sapa? jeng jeng jeng!

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