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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Trip mencandat sotong

The boyfriend is away this 3 days for his office trip @ course.. hmm.. to K.T for mencandat sotong. Sonok tul la org government ni kan... gi trip pun leh consider as khursus! Sungguh x aci.. ;p.. Oh! It is soooooo gonna be a longgggg dreadful days without him!!! The boyfriend is however, sweet enough to apply a leave today to spend time with me.. yay!!!

p/s : Gambar di atas tu, bukan gambar boyfriend saya yer kawan2. Tu saja jer gambar display which was taken from google image. Adoi.. marah kang bini pakcik tu nanti takut dia igt kitaorg ada apa2 pulak.. LOL!

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