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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Melepak with the grandma

Went back to wan's house in seremban today. Day trip jer.. cos my youngest sister is going back to her hostel today.. so i gotta send her to ktm. Dah lama x balik jengok wan. So alang2 i am still on leave + baby is not around + there was an electricity blackout from 11am to 8pm, yes.. today memang was a good day indeed to balik. On top of that, wan pun dah banyak kali suruh tolong cuci her bio-aura filter. So ok la.. balik la.. pity my granny.

Sampai sana around lunch hour. Dem! the weather was sooo hotttttt!!!

Wan didn't know that we were coming.. kinda surprise to her jugak. Sampai2, she terus ckp "Nasib awak datang, wan pening ni.." Ala wan ku ini... so cute.. So sampai2 terus picit2 kepala dia and "terik-terik" rambut dia untuk keluar kan angin. Note: Terik2 is a technique i learnt from my ex-maid untuk keluar kan angin from kepala and melegakan sakit kepala. Anyway, it worked because, after that she said "ha.. dah lega dah sakit kepala ni, awak nak makan apa? meh wan masak". Hehehe.. best best.. but of cos la we all tolong kan..

The rest of the day was just lepaking in from of the tv with her. Petang sikit, mama and ayah arrived cos they planned to sleep over. Anak2 mereka ni, beredar untuk pulang after isyak. But before that.. sempat lepak kat mamak opposite wan's house kejap with cousins.. and WAN!! ish.. suker lepak gak nenek aku ni.. haih!

~ memang sangat sedap burger kat sini, betul la apa yg didengar! ~

~ with my sporting grandma yang comey! ~

~ me.. x bleh blah.. nak amek solo gaks! ~

p/s: off to see my photographer friend shortly.. taraaa!

*** the end ***

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