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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

This is how i look like if i don't see him..

The boyfriend was having a cocktail induction drink at the golf club earlier tonite. It is basically a get-to-know function for the new members at the golf club and the old members where the newbies are required to get the signatures of the seniors.. ala-ala macam induction kat Universiti dulu2 tu la kot i supposed.

Anyway, yesterday he said that if he comes back early then we'll see each other and me being a good girlfriend, i said "Takpe la b, u have fun la kat sana, if x sempat jumpa then jumpa malam lagi satu pun takpe." Heh.. konon la kan.. padahal dalam hati i was praying that he will come back early!!

Then at about 9pm, he sms'ed "B, kita jumpa esok ok, i still kat club lagi." and again being a good girlfriend I replied "Ok sayang, have fun, elok2 and jgn notty!". Tapi muka dah start monyok.. cam gambar kat atas tu.. waaaaa!!!!

Ok, yes.. we see each other every day... weekdays we would just take an hour or so at night to lepak minum and exchange stories for the day and weekends are our movie days where we would spend more hours together. And the days are soooo incomplete if I don't see him... like i'm missing something... hmm... :((

Anyway, i pernah cakap kat dia that i kesian he has to see me everyday dengan penat keja etc... but his answer is....

"Ntah la b, penat camna pun i rasa, I still nak jumpa you every day"...

heeee... *me smiling with a loonnngggg grinnnnn*

I like!


Em's Family said...

errrrrrrrrrrrr sila kawin cepat ok..

Naz said...

huhuhu memang nak pun.. dia yang lambat sgt.. huhu