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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Can I do the test again?

Went to DKC for the aptitude and behavioral tests. First time sat for such tests.. nervous (hahaha... ) and excited!

Ok.. for your information, the test is basically to evaluate each individual's personalities. There were two tests that I had to undergo. A Tests for Selection and Training (TST) and a Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). Questions were not difficult, but I was required to answer like so many questions within a very limited time.

For the TST test, it
measures a person’s mental processing speed, current ability level and ability to learn new information. The results provide insights into how quickly a person can learn and retain new skills and information. There were 5 areas for this TST test as below:-


The PPA analysis on the other hand is basically a questionnaire that enables individual to become more aware of his/her work style. So, only by improving our self awareness will us have the means to consolidate our working strengths and compensate for our behavioural limitations.

I didn't know what to expect at the first place. Asked the HR person in charge if i should do anything to prepare for the tests... hahaha.. pretty nervous there. But she just said, have a good rest the night before and just come fresh and relax. So that was what I did... only that i was not so relax la on the way there.. huhuhu.. can I like do the test again now?? LOL!

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