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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Ordered this for the bf's niece who turned 10 today. Sweet kan? Colourful. Asked the bf "sedap tak?" He said "Ok la..".. hehehe...

Remember this?

Gave the bf this last year for V day. Not that I celebrated it but saja jer alang2 the promo was for V day kan.

However, this year tak beli kan the bf instead I bought for myself... hahahha..

Reason being, i wanted to taste the cuppies.. dah order 2 kali from her tapi x pernah pun try.

My views?

Decoration : 4/5

Price : RM25 for 16 small size cuppies so approx. RM1.60 per cuppy. Quite expensive sbb kecik jer cuppy tu.

Taste : 2/5 - This is my honest opinion la.. tak kan nak tipu kan.. i think it can be improved la so that biz dia akan lebih successful :)

~ Sekian ~

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