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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Detective HOLMES

Two THUMBS up!!!

Honestly, i thought i would have fallen asleep once i sat on the chair. I am actually not a big fan of this kind of detective2 story... tapi sbb the boyfriend wanted to watch it so much so teman la. But then, scene after scene made u wanting to watch more. Sangat best citer ni ruper nyer (tapi malas nak mengaku depan the boyfriend.. hehe). Go watch peeps... it is sooo worth it. Can't wait for the SH 2.. ada ke nanti?


BeaN MorENo said... ke cite ni...baru nak gi tgk arini...anyway nuffnang ada buat contest...nak join team saya tak???

Naz said...

i rasa best la.. gi la tgk.. hehe.. bout nuffnang contest dah comment kat ur blog =)