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Monday, 28 December 2009

I was born in August.. I am August baby! =)

It's 6 minutes passed 5am now... and i am not that sleepy just yet. The boyfriend just sms'ed to let me know that he singgah gunung semanggul (where the heck is that?) kejap.. owh btw, did i tell u that he was away last weekend? balik kampung, his sister got engaged. Anyway, now he is on his way back to me now.. can't wait! yay.. leh dating sok since both of us cuti!!

Anyway, there's this application on fb that i did. Tajuk dia "What does your birth month says about you?". And since I am still awake and can't sleep at this wee hour... lets analyse.. betul ke apa yang dikata... btw, no wonder i love number 8.. adakah kerana saya lahir pada bulan itu? hik hik..

  • Very ambitious - Erm.. Money wise, yes yes yes!... Career wise, previously yes, but skrg cam graph mcm menurun jer.. i dunno...
  • Brave and daring attitude - Brave? Yes, I am definitely a risk taker :). Daring attitude? At times, so yes.. true..
  • Devoted lover, sensitive nature - This is soooo true.. kawan2 ku juga pasti setuju.. kan kan kan
  • Get jealous easily - This is applicable for my relationship jer ye.. memang ku sgt senang jealous... uwaaaa.. trying hard to change though!
  • Get angry easily - Eh manade... tipu la benda ni.. (err... hmm... )
  • Proud of your achievement - Mesti la.. tapi bukan la riak ke apa kan..
  • Attention seeker - Also only applicable to my r/ship. Huhuhu.. sorry la.. i just cannot help it if i feel that his attention kat i cam hilang jap.. so i'll do things to get his attention more.. huhuhu..
  • Very generous - Ermm.. ye ker? ok la... (hehe.. malu nak puji diri sendiri pulak.. ;p)
  • Easy going - True
  • Strong character - Ye ke? Ntah.. x sure lak.. huhuhu...
  • Born to be successful - InsyaAllah...
  • Observant - Owh, mind u... i memang suka observe my surroundings. But no worries.. i always try to reserve negative comments.. hehe..
  • Creative bend of mind - Erm.. kalau suka berangan tu kira creative bend of mind ke?
  • Caring & loving - Ok, ni mmg nak puji diri sendiri... Rasa2 nya... betul la tu.. hehe..
  • Faithful friend - Alhamdulillah so far yes.

Owh, tiba2 my perut ku mcm sakit pulak.. dah 28th patut la... my monthly cycle is coming soon... punctual betul sekarang. Alhamdulillah la kan.. kira normal la tu. huhu. okie dokie.. gonna head to bed and try to sleep now... nak kena kira sheep ni.. nanyte!

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