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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"Mimpi hanya sekadar mainan tidur"

Is it true? I had this dream last night. Can't exactly remember it clearly.. just some of the glimpse...

The boyfriend & I were on a bus. We were sitting at the most front seats. Then, the bus stopped to pick up people. There was only one man at the bus stop when the bus stopped. He came up. He was my ex.

The boyfriend was holding me very tight. There was something that the bf said but I can't remember. He was looking at the ex while we were talking. And the ex just watched.

weird? not exactly... ;p

I have always have this problem (if i may call it a problem) whereby things that i think so much or anything that anyone would have mentioned prior to my sleep in any night would actually come out in my dreams. It happened soooooo many times. Even when i was just a school kid. Anyway, what i dreamt last night could have been because of the following:

  • bus - the bf & i went to pick up his friend @ putra lrt (ok, i don't know what has the bus got anything to do with the lrt but that is the best i could think why i dreamt of being on a bus)
  • the bf - owh i dream of the bf every night... hahaha.. so x la pelik sangat.. maybe bcos there is no single day that I won't see him if he's in town? kan baby kan.. :)
  • the ex - hm, i think this is because, my sister was asking me the ex's no. cos she needed to ask him something. And I said NO!. probably sebab tu kot he came into my dream.

Hehehehe.. not to be a tukang tilik for my own dreams but... hey... suka la kan... my blog, my say! right?

Okie, enuf all those ramblings.. am off to watch movie now. Best nyer cuti... yeah, when am supposed to be studying kan?? huhuhu... gonna go watch JALANG. talking about being supportive of the Malaysia film industry la kan... huhuhu... tada!

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