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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Seeking help from Vanilla Coke

and so, the boyfriend's right!

the coke (in my case, i took vanilla coke instead) helps making my sore throat feel much2 better.

of cos, mula2 cam...

"biar betul dia ni, elok ke tekak ni nanti?"

tapi alhamdulillah, hari ni x rasa perit sangat tekak ni..

But, please please... not the cold one ok. The boyfriend dah warning awal2, biar coke tu hilang sejuk dia... (of cos, x payah la gatal2 dipanaskan dlm microwave pulak kan.. hehe). so, dah agak2 x sejuk tu, minum la untuk melegakan tekak anda yang sakit tu... huhu.. cam wat iklan lak.

anyway, don't asked me if you can substitute it with pepsi or not cos honestly i don't know. You can try, thereafter pls share ur "experience" with us ok?

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