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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sore throat

My sore throat doesn't get any better.. sob.. sob... :( It's kinda weird that i often get sore throat nowadays. Is it the weather? Or is it the cold drinks? I no longer smoke so high chances that the cold drinks are the reason... oh well..

Niway, didn't do nothing much today except blogs hopping all dau long. It's amazing that there are sooooooo many interesting bloggers out there that I came across. I love reading their writings. All of them have their own uniqueness... it is so entertaining!

Well, i sort of have nothing much to say tonite... can't think straight as the throat is tickling itself so badly. Am just gonna take some caugh syrup and head early to bed.

Nanite readers!


nizaa said...

aku dah lega tonsil..mmg petua makan aiskrim tu mujarab sungguh..bahagia betul bila sakit dapat makan aiskrim..ko take care ok.makan obat!

RARA said...

get well soon sista!

adakah blog Rara included dalam blog yang interesting itu? hahaha

btw, i like reading your blog too :)

Sharinginfoz said...

ni kena jumpa doc ni....

Naz said...

niza : ye ker mkn escrem mujarab. kiter minum coke yg tak sejuk, utk dptkn suara balik. petua my bf, ntah mana dia dpt. better gak la pastu.. hehe.

rara: thanks! aah ler, ur blog pun termasuk skali ler dlm interesting list i tu.. keep it up!

sharinginfoz: dah jumpa dah.. dah mkn jugak obat dier.. :)