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Monday, 14 December 2009


Ya Allah

permudahkan la segalanya



On a related note, i finally get to install the bioAura at Aunty Limah's house today. And so, habis la sudah stock bioAura ku. Actually, memang the only one reserved for Aunty Limah pun yang tinggal.. hehe.. sorry ye aunty, asyik selisih masa jer kiter ni.

I have one last piece of beautiful corset set. Initially, mum said she wants it. Tapi rupa2 nyer she only wants the waist nipper. So i gave her mine. Daripada she buy the whole set and tak pakai, might as well i dont sell it to her.. right?

Ok ladies out there, if you are interested for the last piece, just gimme a buzz at 012-6596543.

Payment can be made via instalments - as low as RM100/mth.

Serious buyer only and it is on first come first serve basis!

Footnote: FYI, sekarang nak focus on besar kan biz. Interested, do call me for more details!

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