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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The proposal

No.. no... not me who just got proposed from my boyfriend!! As a matter of fact, I once asked the boyfriend before (prior to our M plans):

"B, nanti kan macamna u plan nak propose kat i eh?"

He answered:-

"Laa... kena ke propose2.. tak payah la propose, memang i tahu the answer is going to be yes.. watpe nak propose2.."


Erm... that was so confident of him!!

Anyway, this entry here is not about me. It's about a very dear close friend of mine whom I'm not supposed to say her name out loud just yet. She just got proposed from her knight in a shining armour! Oh boy.. what can I say.. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR HER! And coincidence or not, our planned W month is like SAME! How cool is that? So we can go check out stuffs together yeah babe ;p


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